The Game

So what is the Button Man game? This page will answer your questions.

Button man is a massively multiplayer community game based around an infrared sniper rifle and unobtrussive recevier circuit being used to hunt one another over large expanses of land; be it city, farm or jungle.

It is our dream to eventually include an app that will feed information to the worldwide players about where other snipers may be in your area. Using this information, it will be your task to hunt down the other player and shoot them before they shoot you.

You could be walking down the street one day and suddenly receive a notification from the app. An enemy sniper has entered your area. You dont know exactly where he is; the tension builds. You dodge into an alley and pull the Alpha-0 infrared sniper rifle out of your bag. You turn the corner once more. You see a movement 500m down the street – its a person wearing an arm band just like yours. You put the Alpha-0 to your eye and CLICK! The enemy sniper is down and your 100% kill record is upheld.

The Button Man game is all about community gaming mixed with stealth. Through the use of infrared transmitters and receivers coupled with lens arrays, we hope to build an infrared sniper rifle capable of shooting upto 500m. We have called this gun, the Alpha-0. Once this has been acheived, we really do hope to develope a full community app capable of storing kill/death records; stating  the locations of other snipers in your area and generally creating an almost Call of Duty-esque feel but in real life.

So why the name Button Man?

Button Man is a comic strip from the british comic book 2000AD (written by John Wagner an illustrated by Arthur Ranson). The first issue was published in 1992 and featured a man named Harry Exton.

Harry Exton was a “Button Man” another name for a hired killer. As a button man, he had to hunt his opponents in a form of underground sport 0rchestrated by an unknown, mysterious, wealthy person who gambles on the outcome.

Button man can also be seen as trigger man, again another name for a hit-man. Our sniper rifle prototype, the Alpha-0, will initially have a button instead of a trigger so the whole Button Man thing works in many ways; all of which point to the concept of hunting and enemy and scoring points.


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