Initial Concepts

As you move down this page, you will see how our designs began. The most recent iterations remain at the top of the page and become progressively older as you move down.

The final design for the sidearm complete with areas specifically designed for I2C transmission; IR recieval/transmission; LED’s and solenoids to give dynamic movement and noise. This design is currently being 3D printed, ready for the primary play tests on Friday 3rd April 2015!


The second sidearm design with all the measurements for the Alpha-0 PCB and space for a small solenoid to allow dynamic movement when firing.


The first detailed 3D design of the sidearm!


The pictures below are the initial 3D designs. We realised very early on that we wished to have a smaller sidearm that could be detached from the lens assembly and stock for a short range weapon. As can be seen below, in its disassembled form, the side arm at the back fits inside the white case at the front; all of which is kept inline by the barrel (with lens) and the stock. We also had the idea to include an accessory rail for additional items such as scopes or laser sights.


First draft of the weapon prototype.

First draft of the weapon prototype.

The picture below is the first ever drawing made of the Alpha-0. It shows a very early idea we came up with to cut down on the number of components used in the main machine. That black box on top represents the infrared circuitry used to transmit our beam and the groove below it was meant not only to embed the circuitry, but also to allow a simple mechanism to attach the barrel containing the lens array.


Figure 1: First ever drawing of the Alpha 0 (Please ignore the lens array doodle in the top right)

The next drawing is a very simple infrared circuit and lens array. The circuit is one we first used as a heart rate monitor but it can be used as a standard transmitter receiver circuit.


Figure 2: Very simplified IR circuitry and lens array. The lens array is just a theoretical light transfer diagram, its just there to show that the light has been transferred fro the IR LED to the Photo diode.

The final picture, so far, shows some labelled diagrams of the simplest design we could build, as well as some cartoon-esque representations of the prototype.


Figure 3: Some initial sketches of the design making it as simply as possible. It shows a trigger, circuit and dettachable lens barrel.


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