Using a mixture of techniques and harsh chemicals, such as Ferric Chloride, we have been able to etch and print our own circuit boards. This allows us to solder with a greater accuracy than if we were milling the entire board. It also allows greater definition for the tracks themselves and often results in a slightly faster process; one major downside: Dave had never tried DIY pcb etching before… but everything worked… eventually!

insert pic

The sidearm has just finished being 3D printed and the effect is wonderful. The dynamic solenoid top slide is currently being printed and we will soon have a completely assembled sidearm capable of shooting infrared data at 10m (short range). _DSC0033

The PCB design process has been broken down into two sections, the rifle PCB and the sidearm PCB. These designs were created by Jaanus Unt and were then manufactured using a CNC machine. The circuitry was also mapped out and connected so that they could be assembled and soldered accurately and precisly preventing any mistaken polarities or values. rifle-pcb sidearm-pcb-2


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