Economy of scale and costing breakdown

Hi all, so here is the costing breakdown of our fledgling product and the projected RRP:


Electronics and mechanical parts – £30 – ARM-based microcontroller easily sourced

Materials – £20 – mainly ABS

Manufacturing – £10 – use of automated manufacturing techniques reduces cost

Rifle Enclosure

Electronics and mechanical – £20 – Enclosure is simpler and driven by the sidearm

Materials – £30 – larger form factor

Manufacturing – £10 – despite larger size techniques are scalable

Including all of the aforementioned costs, with man-hours thrown in, we project the whole assembly will be available at a pricepoint of £70, with economy of scale bringing down a large percentage of the electronics costs and alternative materials sources, such as PLA. A percentage of the design uses development boards with more I/O than is required, allowing us to move toward discrete, custom-made elecronics without any excess in order to further reduce costs.

We’ll update you as manufacturing continues, but watch this space!

– Louis


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